BitComet FLV Player (Flash Video Player)


BitComet FLV Player is a standalone application to play Flash Video files (.flv file). it supports zoom 1x/2x/FullScreen, playback progress control, volume control.It also supports play .swf files(flash file). It will later support loading FLV files from webserver.




Version Release Date(YYY.MM.DD) Size(Bytes) MD5
FLVPlayer_1.4.exe 2007.01.19 274KB md5
FLVPlayer_1.3.exe 2006.12.12 271KB md5
FLVPlayer_1.2.exe 2006.12.11 271KB md5
FLVPlayer_1.1.exe 2006.11.23 268KB md5
FLVPlayer_1.0.exe 2006.11.18 260KB md5


v1.4 - 2007.01.19
Fixed the issue that the player window fails to move when loading
Fixed the issue that the player fails to render some files occasionally
Optimized the loading speed for local files
v1.3 - 2006.12.12
Fixed the issue that the program crashes when start with a command line parameter
v1.2 - 2006.12.11
Fixed the issue that the seeking bar does not work with some files
Support Windows 2003
v1.1 - 2006.11.23
Accelerate keys added
Zoom enabled
A more user-friendly player
v1.0 - 2006.11.18
the first version